An Alexa skill using the API

Speedrunner is one of the easiest ways to get verfied data on video game speedrun records. Using the RESTful API, you can get information on any of the 12,000 submitted games and various runs for any of them on any Alexa-Enabled device.

Alexa Logo
"Alexa, ask speedrunner to search for Super Mario Odyssey"
"Alexa, ask speedrunner for 100% runs of Celeste"


  • Get speedruns for any game based on various categories (Any%, 100%, etc.)
  • Get information on Speedrunners (Coming in a future update)
  • Get a briefing on the most recent verified runs (Coming in a future update)

Getting Started

To begin, All you need to say is: "Alexa, Open Speedrunner"


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